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Stuart Corrigan
Managing Director, Lovair

The key to a great consultant is knowing what to change and how to cause the cause….quickly. Having worked with other consultants who completed weeks of analysis and offered little insight it was refreshing to meet James who spotted the problem and created the solution within 24 hours. If you want fast change, focused on the right issues hire James!

Ian Hobbs
Engineering Director, Honeywell

James helped us when we chose to apply the Critical Chain project management approach to scoping, planning and managing our new product development projects at Trend Control Systems.

He worked patiently with us to establish the new planning procedures, set up the daily and weekly management routines and help us stay on course with the implementation.

James always explained the concepts in simple, plain English and he bought great energy and enthusiasm to our discussions; helping us to lead even the most resistant of team members.

The principles of Critical Chain project management enabled us to identify the key bottlenecks, manage project scope & stakeholders, plan effectively and drive execution excellence.

James did a great job of helping us apply the key concepts of Critical Chain project management at Trend Control Systems.

Barbara Mincher
Owner, VCL

James has shown great patience to ensure that everyone has understood the process.

He has spent time acquiring a good understanding of my business which allows him to tailor the process to fit.

I would not hesitate in recommending James having experienced his conscientious approach, his willingness to be available out with the days he spends on site and his courteous manner.

Rob Davis
Engineering Manager, Johnston Sweepers

James applied his knowledge of the Theory of Constraints to engineering project management in my Company. With his help we were able to rationalize and deliver a complex project on time.

Lauren McWilliams

I worked with James as he expertly guided us through the implementation of the Theory of Constraints at our metal fab shop. His natural leadership and excellent presentation skills kept us motivated and focused throughout the project.

We have now achieved 99.5% due date compliance with our main customer – and we haven’t seen results this good in a long time.

Mackow has grown quickly and we needed clear manufacturing expertise. James provided it for us.

Given the chance, I would work with James again. I can recommend him without reservation.

Chris Popoff
Owner / Serial Entrepreneur, Westvent

I got into the manufacturing sector as an investor with no previous experience or specific knowledge on how to manage and operate a factory. With University level training in engineering and business I figured – how hard can it be? Well… it was hard, very hard. Even in a relatively simple environment the learning curve was steep and knowing what to pay attention to was a major challenge. Life is not a textbook.

For years it felt like I was spinning my wheels, using brute force and long hours to try and get ahead, it was aging me prematurely and the results we wanted weren’t coming.

Working with James gave me the playbook on how to think about manufacturing properly, specifically pointing at where to focus and discerning what’s important against what is just noise. To say that I’ve learned a lot of invaluable information from James is an understatement. It would be more appropriate to say that I will never look at business using the conventional and deeply flawed lenses that I was taught in school and in previous experience ever again. Once I discover an advantage, I intend on retaining it.

I’m looking forward to continuing to work with James on new projects in the areas of manufacturing and project management.

If you find yourself in a situation like mine and need to learn the right way to manufacture/distribute, or alternatively are deeply experienced in this area yet feel like something isn’t quite right about your operations, reach out to James and see what he can do for you.

Chris Hocking

We worked together on a project to improve operational processes at an SME. The project delivered improvements allowing a 400% increase in sales over a three year period. James has a hands-on approach to the management of change; providing good insights into operational issues limiting the business and working closely with the team to designing ways of overcoming these limits.

Steve Jackson
Managing Director, Camvac

James very quickly understood our cradle to grave process and complicated customer demands, so was able to work easily and knowledgeably with the key personnel at Camvac to explain the process, to overcome objections, to gain “buy-in” from all and to modify the process where necessary to meet with some of our specific customer demands.

We continue to use his process and I firmly believe that it will bring benefits to any manufacturing operation.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending James – he demonstrates an ability to quickly understand a company’s business process, an ability to work around objections and scepticism generally associated with new process implementation and also focus and drive to get the job done.

Eugene Harkins
Managing Director, Caparo Precision Strip

I have found James to be a highly capable and knowledgeable practitioner of the TOC (Theory of Constraints) principles, supporting the in-house team through the implementation and aiding their understanding and application of the tools and techniques.

I am willing to provide testimony to James’ application and professionalism. He is able to be forceful in getting his point across without transgressing, equally capable of being an impartial facilitator allowing management to find the “truth” or the conscience of the management team within the business and making them “see the truth”.

David McClelland

I engaged James for a period of 18 months in 2016/17, to assist the business in a journey to smarter planning and workflow management. I always found him to be very thoughtful. He took the time to really understand our needs and then tailored a solution to support our (highly complex) business. I partnered him with one of my direct reports and they were highly effective as a team.

I would certainly work with James again, should the opportunity arise.

Carl Thompson

James mentored me when starting up my business Hawkins & Shepherd back in 2013, with his depth of business and manufacturing knowledge he was an essential part to a successful launch and ongoing growth of the business.

When launching a business selling a product rather than service such as mine, the manufacturing process was the hardest hurdle to overcome.

James was instrumental in putting in processes when working with multiple manufacturers in different countries to ensure that our stock levels are never too low but also how to manage stock efficiently so that your business becomes more profitable.

I can’t recommend James highly enough!