James Burwood, Manufacturing Coach


Deliver On-Time, Every TIme, In half the time

Are you tired of the chaos and constant customer complaints?

Would you like to simplify the management of your business operations?

I help my clients to make the most of their businesses, ensuring they can deliver on time, every time, in half the time.

My approach is derived from systems based thinking, enabling me to find simplicity in even the most complex situations. I devise breakthrough solutions for clients who feel like ‘they’ve tried everything’ without success.

This applies to manufacturing operations, new product introduction and stock management.


You Only Pay For Results

I work with my clients on a results basis. A significant proportion of my contracts are based on delivering the results desired. Below are the results my clients consistently achieve.

NPI & Project Management

  • 95-99% due date performance
  • 25% cycle time reduction
  • 25% capacity increase
  • Delivering entire scope to budget

Manufacturing Operations

  • Sales Increased 15-20%
  • 97-99% on time in full due date performance
  • Capacity increased by 30-50%
  • Lead Time reduced by 50%
  • Inventory reduced by 50%

Stock Management

  • Sales increased 50%
  • Availability 99%
  • Inventory reduced 25%



leading edge methodologies

Proven Solutions Customised To Your Environment

My approach is derived from systems-based thinking, enabling me to find the inherent simplicity in even the most complex situations. This means I are even able to devise breakthrough solutions for clients who feel like ‘they’ve tried everything’ without success.

I have over a decade’s experience of enabling some of the world’s most prestigious manufacturing companies to vastly improve their delivery performance and turn this in to a decisive competitive edge.

There are some simple principles that govern the performance of even the largest organisations. By rightly identifying these factors in your organisation, and how to most effectively manage them, I can help you to end the internal battles and finally deliver on your promises to your customers.

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how these principles apply to your business



  • Deliver on time, in full
  • Improve stock availability
  • Slash lead times
  • Reduce WIP & FG stock
  • Stop fire fighting and create harmony on the shop floor


The Seven Sins of Manufacturing


Sin 1: The Focused Mentality

Sin 2: “The Sooner I start, the sooner I finish”

Sin 3: “We must have accurate forecasts.”

Sin 4: “If people aren’t busy, then we’re not being efficient.”

Sin 5: “Customers only care about price”

Sin  6:”WE’re at the mercy of the market.”

Sin 7: “I don’t have the authority.”




James applied his knowledge of the Theory of Constraints to engineering project management in my Company. With his help we were able to rationalize and deliver a complex project on time.

Chris Popoff, Owner | Serial Entrepreneur | WESTVENT